Frea Buckler

Frea studied Fine Art, Printmaking at Central Saint Martins in London. More recently she passed her Masters degree with Distinction in Print at UWE in Bristol, where she continues to live and work.

Frea’s work retains the precision and technique of screenprinting but adopts an improvisational method more like drawing or painting to produce series’ of unique prints.  This process embraces a balance between chaos and control.

The probable but impossible forms resemble unfolded boxes or origami – bending, folding and opening out in different directions. They play with illusion and perception, they fit and don’t fit, there are loose ends and spaces in between.


“I push myself to try new things and not keep it safe. I have an internal set of rules that I follow, matching up corners, aligning angles. I am teetering in the moment between adding without thinking and pulling back, all the time trying not to think too much but going with the flow and following my instinct. So many incredible things happen when working like this, serendipitous moments of shapes intersecting at relevant points – none of which have been measured or preplanned.
    Navigating this path, I believe reflects my nature as a person, calm and methodical yet impulsive and open. The titles of the prints tend to mirror the processes that I have been through to make the work.

I developed my process to reject aspects that I don’t enjoy, to being in the moment and to celebrate not knowing. It is a joyful and positive experience. I think we find it hard to accept that something that isn’t a struggle or hard work is valuable. Michael Craig Martin in his book ‘On Being an Artist’ said ‘What comes easily is at the heart of who one is and should be treasured and nurtured’, which reassured me, as what comes easily to me may not come easily to someone else.”

On Being an Artist, Michael Craig Martin, Art / Books, 2015, p.213